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Yes ! I love to learn
Yes ! I love to learn
Mouvement international ATD Quart Monde
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The team of Tapori International collected children’s testimonies which live various realities, on all the continents.


This book from Tapori tells how children seek to make friends and learn together. In their own words, children from very different backgrounds express the importance of trust, in learning, working together and sharing knowledge with less able or disadvantaged children and the
importance of trust in learning to go beyond first appearances. These children reveal their own path forward, a path determined by something deep in themselves – a curiosity to know and befriend others, and a desire to share and build together.

Behind these words there is suffering too, barriers that arise between people owing to indifference or lack of acknowledgement; children cope with this and continue to believe in themselves when they feel supported, loved.

The book is a tool for all those who wish to learn from children about the rewards of friendship and who care that children should be able to foster within themselves an awareness of others, the pleasure of sharing and the joy of encounters.

Jacqueline Plaisir, International Leadership Team ATD Fourth World

Dossiers et documents de la Revue Quart Monde n° 21

This book is available in French.



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