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Father Joseph Wresinski. Voice of the poorest
Father Joseph Wresinski. Voice of the poorest
Alwine De Vos van STEENWIJK
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« Father Joseph believed in all human beings. But he believed first and foremost in the poorest of the poor ». This book is a translation of the biography of Father Joseph, written by Alwine de Vos van Steenwijk who lived and worked beside him for 28 years.


« All my life, I dreamed of restoring the very poor to the Church ». The present biography tells us how Father Joseph realized this dream, convinced as he was that giving priority to the most deprived constituted the best guarantee that all human beings would thenceforth be respected in their community, their society, their Church.

Coming from extreme poverty himself, Father Joseph was in a unique position to bear witness to the fact that, in spite of our worldwide conviction to the contrary, the very poor are our equals, equally inhabited by the Spirit and capable of acting for the benefit of all.

With them, he created the means allowing them to demonstrate that they are in fact the first defenders of human rights, the first agents of justice and peace, the first « experts in humanity », as he call them.

Extract from the preface of Bishhop Leonard J. Olivier.

This book is available also in French, in Italian, in Polish, and in Dutch.

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