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Blessed are you the poor !
Blessed are you the poor !
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This book offers new insights into the life, words, actions and prayers of Christ.


A fresh and revealing reading of the Gospel through and with the very poor, this book offers new insights into the life, words, actions and prayers of Christ. In the crowds following Jesus, we find the poor men, women and children Father Joseph Wresinski knew and loved all over the world.

We see how Jesus chooses the most humiliated and abandoned amongst them as his closest associates and messengers.

Father Joseph’s own encounter with Christ leads us to better understand the poorest people today and in the past, and to recognise what they can bring to the world.

Whatever the reader’s beliefs, this book offers inspiration for our daily lives and for the future.

« This book of reflections is a great gift. May those who read it meet Father Joseph and be touched by this man of the Gospel. He will come over as a prophet of the New Testament who brings to new life the Gospel of  ‘the Least Brethren’. »
(From the foreword by Aloysius Ward, Archbishop of Cardiff)

This book is available in french, german, spanish and dutch.



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